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Truck Axle Repair Signs and Symptoms
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Axles can wear over time, especially if you carry a lot of heavy loads or if your vehicle spends a significant amount of time on the road. Road conditions such as uneven roads or potholes can also result in alignment problems and wear or even worse, a broken axle. Here are some of the common signs that it is time to schedule service at your nearest axle repair shop in California:

  • Feeling excessive vibration through the steering wheel or seat
  • Noticing uneven wear on one or more tires
  • Hearing a loud clanking or clicking noise while driving or taking turns
  • Discovering grease from leaking axle joints on the outer rim of your tires

The Importance of Inspecting and Maintaining Your Truck and Trailer Axles

Performing regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent premature wear that leads to broken axle repair. Contact an axle repair shop to schedule preventative maintenance or perform a visual inspection on your own before taking a long trip. Inspection and maintenance of your truck axle should include, at minimum, the following:

  • Inspecting fasteners and replace any that are worn, cracked or corroded
  • Keeping hubs and bearings cleaned and lubed and replace components that are discolored, worn or cracked
  • Watching for signs of wear in the camshaft and camshaft bushings and replace as needed
  • Inspecting all axle beams for cracks, warping, bending and corrosion
  • Replacing spindles that are cracked, rusted or pitted

Our Sacramento axle repair shop can perform the services listed above and much more. Not located in the Sacramento, CA area?  We also provide heavy duty truck axle repair and inspection at  service shops in several other West Coast locations.

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Betts has over 30 years of experience servicing commercial vehicles throughout Sacramento and along the West Coast. Our heavy duty truck repair shop provides broken axle repair, spring repair and a range of other maintenance services to keep your truck or trailer in prime operating condition. We also sell truck parts including lighting, accessories, tools and components.

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