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Betts Truck Parts & Service Semi Truck Alignment Branch Locations

Betts Truck Parts & Service maintains locations all along the West Coast.

If you require heavy duty truck alignment service or trailer alignment service, schedule an appointment at one of our heavy duty repair centers today.

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  • Fresno, CA
  • Fontana, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • San Leandro, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Portland, OR
  • Sun Valley, CA

Class 6, 7 and 8 Truck/Semi Alignment Services 

At Betts Truck Parts & Service, our qualified mechanics provide precision truck alignment services, whether you drive a tractor-trailer, bus, or any other Class 6, 7, or 8 vehicles. Our heavy duty truck alignment services always include the following:

  • Precision computer alignment utilizing Bee Line Alignment Equipment
  • Expert analysis by a trained service technician

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Betts Truck Parts & Service is part of Betts Company. Founded by an English steel craftsman in 1868 in San Francisco. Betts was originally a manufacturer of springs for carriages, streetcars, and wagons.

Nearly a century and a half later, Betts Truck Parts & Service repairs big rig trucks and trailers. We strive to provide the best truck parts and service in the industry. We offer complete, start-to-finish truck alignment services and trailer alignment services. We work with light and medium-duty trucks, Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks, and trailers of all types.

For world-class truck alignment services and trailer alignment services on the West Coast, look no further than Betts Truck Parts & Service. Schedule an appointment for truck alignment service today, or contact us to find out what we can do for you. No one does truck alignment better than Betts!

Peterbilt Semi Truck Alignment in Sun Valley CA

Peterbilt Semi Truck Alignment at our Sun Valley, CA branch.

Having proper semi truck wheel alignment is important for maintaining the overall welfare of your commercial vehicle. Poor alignment can lead to premature wear on your tires and bad fuel economy.

Truck alignment also plays a big role in keeping the driver safe. Be sure to regularly address heavy duty truck and trailer alignment issues to prevent costly repairs and ensure safe driving practices.

Betts Truck Parts & Service offers heavy truck alignment services and trailer alignment services for drivers and fleets on the West Coast. We have the expertise and capabilities with state-of-the-art Beeline Laser Alignment equipment to keep your truck properly aligned.

Schedule an appointment for heavy duty truck and trailer alignment service today, or contact us to learn more.

The Importance of Proper Semi Truck Alignment 

Improper alignment can cause all kinds of problems for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers, including:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Decreased drivability
  • Shortened tire life
  • Increased repair costs
  • Safety hazards

Betts Truck Parts services class 6, 7, and 8 truck/semi rigs and trailers. We provide premium quality semi truck laser alignment services throughout California, Arizona, and Oregon, including Fresno, Fontana, Sacramento, Santa Fe Springs, San Leandro, Phoenix, and Portland.

How Often Should Semi Truck Alignment Services Be Performed?

We recommended that an initial truck alignment service be performed between the first 15,000 to 30,000 miles of a truck’s life, or after the first three months, whatever comes first. It is also important to check alignment if you observe irregular tire wear or if the driver reports steering or handling problems. The alignment should also be checked any time the vehicle has been damaged, or if components that affect alignment have been replaced.

Semi Truck & Trailer Alignment Indications 

Commercial tire wear problems may appear in numerous locations including steering, drive axles or trailer axles, which can have a huge effect on the overall alignment of the truck and trailer. Some of the signs that your heavy truck or trailer may need alignment include:

  • Uneven wear on tires.
  • Steady and increased vibration.
  • The truck pulls to one side while driving.
  • The steering wheel is off-center.
  • The truck was involved in an accident.
Heavy Duty Truck Alignment in Fresno

Heavy Duty Truck Alignment in Fresno

Why Choose Betts for Truck Alignment Services? 

Betts Truck Parts & Service has been around for more than 30 years, and thanks to our decades of experience, we know exactly what our customers need when it comes to semi-truck alignment services and trailer alignment services.

Our service centers are strategically located throughout California, Oregon, and Arizona. As a result, both regional and national fleets rely on us for truck alignment service and other repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Do an Alignment on a Semi?

Alignment on a semi-truck can cost anywhere between $75 and $125 per axle. This usually depends on the type of truck and market. This cost could be $200 or higher for a luxurious semi-truck. Call your nearest Betts Truck Parts & Service branch with any questions regarding the cost of an alignment.

Do Semi-Trucks Need an Alignment?

Your semi-trucks need alignment to ensure they are maintained well. Bad alignment can cause premature wear and tear on your tires and lead to poor fuel economy. Common signs that your semi-truck needs alignment include:

  • Uneven wear on the tires
  • Truck pulling to one side of the road when driving
  • The steering wheel is off-center
  • Your truck was involved in a collision

How Often Does a Semi Truck Need an Alignment?

If you experience steering problems or irregular tire wheels, you may need to get an alignment done. Otherwise, you can check your semi-trucks every 10,000 to 30,000 miles or annually for alignment. You can also get truck alignment servicing done every three months to ensure you don’t face any potential alignment issues.

Do You Perform 3-Axle Truck Alignments?

Yes, if you are looking for a semi truck repair shop near you to perform a 3 axle alignment on your truck, please call your nearest Betts Truck Parts & Service branch.