Truck Steering Repair


Truck Steering Repair Services

A faulty steering system on a semi truck is more than just a minor inconvenience that you can work around—it’s a major safety hazard that must be addressed immediately. If your truck is in need of steering repair, you need a seasoned mechanic, who can get it working right, right away. At Betts, we offer complete truck steering services and quality parts that are engineered with performance and safety in mind for all makes and models.

Steering Repair & Part Replacement

Betts operates seven repair and service centers, as well as one part sales-only location, across California, Arizona, and Oregon. We have some of the best mechanics in the industry, and use the highest quality parts and components.

Truck steering services we offer include:

  • Replace tie rod ends
  • Replace drag links
  • Install king pins
  • Replace steering gear boxes
  • Replace steering pumps
  • and more