Heavy Duty Truck Repair Tech Tips


Air Brake Maintenance

Cold Weather Air Brake Maintenance

Air Suspension Maintenance

Maintaining an Air Suspension

Alternator Maintenance

Removing & Replacing Alternators

Electrical Maintenance

Preventing Winter Electrical Issues

Lighting Maintenance

Tips to Prolong Lighting Equipment

Purge Valve Maintenance

Bendix AD-9 Purge Valve Tech Tip

Receptacle and Pin Maintenance

7-Way Receptacle and Pin Degradation

Slack Adjusters Maintenance

Maintaining Automatic Slack Adjusters

Wheel Bearing Maintenance

Correct Fits for Your Wheel Bearing

Betts Truck Parts & Service Locations

Betts Truck Parts & Service maintains locations all along the West Coast. If you require heavy duty truck alignment service or trailer alignment service, schedule an appointment at one of our repair centers today.




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Betts Truck Parts & Service is part of Betts Company. Founded by an English steel craftsman in 1868 in San Francisco, Betts was originally a manufacturer of springs for carriages, streetcars, and wagons.

Now, nearly a century and a half later, Betts Truck Parts & Service repairs big rig trucks and trailers. We strive to provide the best truck parts and service in the industry. We offer complete, start-to-finish truck alignment services and trailer alignment services. We work with light and medium duty trucks, Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks, and trailers of all types.

For world-class truck alignment services and trailer alignment services on the West Coast, look no further than Betts Truck Parts & Service. Schedule an appointment for truck alignment service today, or contact us to find out what we can do for you. No one does truck alignment better than Betts!