Truck & Trailer Axle Repair


Axles are central shafts that are either fixed to a wheel or to a vehicle and allow tires to rotate by transmitting driving torque to the wheel. There are two types of axles that are used on semi-trucks: single and tandem. Single axles hold one tire on each side for a total of two tires, where tandem axles hold two tires on each side to accommodate a total of four tires. Since tandem axles allow for a heavier carrying capacity than single axles, they are typically placed at the rear of a trailer.

Truck axles have a big job. In addition to being responsible for transferring power from the transmission and differential to your rig or trailer’s wheels, they also help support the weight of your cargo. Clocking a lot of miles on the road, on top of dealing with potholes and uneven surfaces, can place extra strain on axles, leaf springs and other components. When there is something wrong with an axle on your truck or trailer, you know it. But do you know where to turn for fast, reliable trailer and truck axle repair?

Betts provides full-service truck axle repair and trailer axle repair for owner/operators as well as national and regional fleets along the West Coast. Make an appointment at one of our locations today or contact us to learn more about our products and services.


Even though the signs of a broken axle on your truck and trailer are hard to miss, signs of fatigue or other issues can be more difficult to detect until they become much worse.   Here are some of the common axle repair symptoms you might experience when your truck or trailer axle or components have been damaged.

  • Vibrations or a rumbling noise coming from underneath your truck or trailer
  • A “wobbling” or uneven feeling coming from your wheels
  • Wheels do not move when you shift into gear or accelerate
  • Issues with power transfer combined with clanking or clunking noises
  • Loud clicking noises while turning
  • Evidence of leaking grease underneath the vehicle or along the interior edge of your tires

If you experience any of these issues while driving, it is important to find a truck axle repair shop as soon as possible. A weakened axle and can damage steering suspension and other components and places you – and others on the road – at serious risk. Have a repair shop that specializes in heavy duty truck axle repair inspect your rig or trailer whenever you have it in for regular service. Detecting issues early on can save you from more expensive truck axle repairs down the road.


Proper maintenance is essential for extending the life of your trailer’s components and prevent premature wear and tear.

Proper Alignment Prevents Wear on Tires and Truck Axles

A broken truck axle can’t always be avoided, but by regularly checking your rig’s alignment you can help prevent issues that may lead to broken axle repair. And since bad alignment also causes premature wear on tires, proper alignment can help prevent blowouts and other dangerous issues on the road.

Have your alignment checked by a truck repair shop or do it yourself using a simple tape measure and a straightedge. To do a quick check, hold the straightedge against the two tires on one side of your axle. If both tires do not evenly touch the straightedge or there are gaps larger than 1/8”, it could indicate a bent truck axle.  At this point you need to get your rig to a heavy duty truck axle repair shop as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and service.

Some other signs of bad truck or trailer alignment can include:

  • Experiencing fuel economy that is lower than normal
  • Feeling vibrations through the seat or steering wheel that are heavier than normal
  • Noticing excessive wear on one or more tires

Regular Inspections Help Diagnose Issues

A truck axle repair shop is equipped to perform a full inspection of your axle and other components to identify any potential issues. Some of the components they might check during a regular inspection include:

  • Inspect camshaft and camshaft bushings to assess wear and lubricate parts as necessary
  • Clean and re-lubricate all bearings and hubs and look for signs of cracking, wear and discoloration
  • Replace damaged fasteners and repair tapped holes as necessary
  • Check brake spiders, spindles and axle beams for signs of cracking and wear
  • Identify signs of leaking from trailer axles and suspension components
  • Ensure axle beams are straight and there is no evidence of bending


With parts and components from premium brands like Hendrickson, Eaton, Dana Spicer, and Meritor, Betts Truck Parts & Service ensures that your truck axle repairs and boat trailer axle repairs will meet or exceed OEM quality standards. No matter what type of medium or heavy duty truck or trailer you work with, we have the high quality parts to fix it right and the skills to fix it right away.


  • Experience: We’ve been providing truck axle repair solutions for more than 30 years. Bring your rig to Betts and we’ll diagnose and repair the problem quickly, so you can get back on the road.
  • Parts: Your truck is only as tough as its weakest part. We use only the very best replacement parts from top manufacturers. We also stock a huge inventory of aftermarket truck parts and aftermarket trailer parts for DIY repairs and maintenance.
  • Location: Fleets on or traveling through the West Coast rely on Betts. Why? Because we have seven full-service locations throughout Arizona, Oregon, and California, including:
  • Fresno, CA
  • Fontana, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • San Leandro, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Portland, OR
  • Sun Valley, CA


Drivers, O/Os, and fleets in Arizona, Oregon, and California can request an appointment for truck axle repair or trailer axle repair. Or, contact Betts Truck Parts & Service to find out what we can do for you. No one does it better than Betts!