Auxiliary Power


Auxiliary Power Unit Service & Repair

Having a reliable auxiliary power unit (APU) on board can make your next haul easier. To make sure you meet idling compliance requirements, an APU can run a truck’s secondary functions and reduce stress on your engine.

Whether it’s cooling a cab or powering a microwave, a dependable APU will keep those power sources operating at their peak.

If you’re in need of commercial power take-off units or hydraulic pump repair, you can rely on Betts to keep your truck operating at a higher level.

At Betts Truck Parts & Service, we can repair, replace, and service your:

  • PTOs (power take off units)
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Wet kits
  • Truck starters
  • Battery cable

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We provide a full line of parts and service for your rig’s power take off units, PTO hydraulic pump, and other auxiliary power units.