Auxiliary Power Unit Service & Repair


Your rig can do a lot more than just haul freight, and, powerful though it is, the engine can’t power all those functions. Your truck needs reliable auxiliary power units to run its secondary functions, as well as quality parts and dependable service to keep those power sources operating at their peak. Whether you’re in need of commercial power take off units or need hydraulic pump repair, you can rely on Betts Truck Parts & Service to provide the parts and service your truck or trailer requires.

Replacement Parts for Auxiliary Power Units

You know how important it is to have skilled and experienced mechanics working on your truck and trailer. The expert mechanics at Betts’ seven repair and service centers are some of the best in the industry, and our service technicians offer in-depth analysis and diagnostics.

At Betts Truck Parts & Service, we can repair, replace, and service your:

  • PTOs (power take off units)
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Wet kits
  • Truck starters
  • Battery cable
  • and more

Schedule service for your truck’s auxiliary power units today, or contact Betts to learn more.

Where to Find Us

Betts has seven full-service parts and repair centers throughout California, Arizona, and Oregon, as well as one part sales-only location. Our full-service repair centers provide everything you need to keep your truck running at its best. Schedule auxiliary power unit service for your vehicle today.




Our Customers

Betts serves national and regional fleets and O/Os of all stripes. In addition to servicing and replacing auxiliary power units, we also offer a variety of other shop services to meet our customers’ requirements. Customers remain loyal to Betts because they know we can provide the parts and service they need.

Schedule Your Auxiliary Power Service Today

We provide a full line of parts and service for your rig’s power take off units, PTO hydraulic pump, and other auxiliary power units. Schedule an appointment for auxiliary power service today, or contact Betts Truck Parts & Service for more information.