Expert Heavy Duty Semi Truck Repair Services

For over 30 years Betts Truck Parts & Service has been providing world class commercial truck repair services. Whether it’s Class 6, 7 and 8 vehicles, buses, ambulances, RVs or trailers, we want you to experience the best with Betts. From alignment to steering to drivetrain repair, our expertise enables us to provide reliable service and maintenance no matter what you drive.

Contact us for more information on our class 6, 7, or 8 heavy duty semi truck and trailer repair service options, or call us at 559-498-3304 and we will gladly assist you with your questions. Betts Truck Parts & Service is your premier West Coast destination for commercial truck repair services.

Convenient Commercial Truck Repair Service Locations Throughout the West Coast 

At Betts Truck Parts & Service, making sure your semi truck stays on the road is our primary objective. With a wealth of resources at our fingertips and decades of experience under our belts, we continue to standout as the premier semi-truck repair service provider. From alignment to steering to drivetrain repair, our expertise enables us to provide reliable service and maintenance no matter what you drive. We provide our state-of-the-art semi truck repair services at the following locations:




Semi Truck and Trailer Repair Service Options 

Betts’ expert technicians and service team provide more than 200 years of combined industry experience in semi truck repair services. We stock only quality name brand parts and service products that will allow you to get back on the road quickly and efficiently. We provide the following heavy duty commercial truck repair services:

Air Ride Control Repairs

Air ride equipment helps with the adjustment of your truck’s air ride for improved safety and comfort. Betts Truck Parts & Service can assist you in service, repairing or replacing your air ride system.

Truck Alignment

Poor alignment can lead to premature wear on your tires and bad fuel economy. Truck alignment also plays a big role in keeping the driver safe. With state-of-the-art Beeline Laser Alignment equipment to keep your truck properly aligned, Betts Truck Parts & Service will keep your rig riding straight for the foreseeable future.

Auxiliary Power Repairs 

Your truck needs reliable auxiliary power units to run its secondary functions, as well as quality parts and dependable service to keep those power sources operating at their peak. Whether you’re in need of commercial power take-off units or need hydraulic pump repair, you can rely on Betts Truck Parts & Service to provide the parts and service your truck or trailer requires.

Bendix Wingman® Retrofit Safety Systems

Bendix Retrofit Safety Systems provide performance enhancing protective solutions and FCAM (forward collision avoidance mitigation) for Class 8 commercial vehicles. The Bendix Safety System includes advanced camera, radar, and sensor technology for improved safety and vehicle performance. Betts provides advanced Bendix Wingman® Retrofit Safety System installations.

Brake Repair Services

Regular brake maintenance is critical for keeping your brakes in good operating condition and preventing issues that can place yourself and others in extreme danger on the road. At Betts, it’s always safety first, and our experienced mechanics are there to keep your brakes in tip-top shape.

Custom U-Bolts

At Betts, we custom-build round bar suspension U-bolts to industry-standard in any size you need, using industry-standard grade 5 and 8 rod to match any size and application. As an additional benefit, we will even bend your U-bolts while you wait!

DOT Inspections / BIT Inspections 

Betts provides fast, efficient commercial truck inspection services to keep you in compliance and on the road. We offer DOT truck inspections for all types of Class 8 trucks and trailers, our experts are certified to perform commercial truck inspections that meet the requirements of the Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington DOT agencies.

Drivetrain Repair Services 

Betts Truck Parts & Service offers drive train services to both regional and national fleets. We provide high quality, cost-effective services for heavy duty transmissions, driveline components, differentials, and clutches.

Electrical Repair

An electrical systems malfunction is no laughing matter, it can literally leave you in the dark. At Betts Truck Parts & Service, we provide a wide range of electrical repair service options including alternator replacement, starter replacement, battery replacement, and lighting.

FCAM (Forward Collision Avoidance Mitigation) Installation & Retrofits 

The Bendix Wingman® Advanced™ Safety System delivers both adaptive cruise control with braking features along with Forward Collision Avoidance Mitigation (FCAM) technology. The adaptive cruise control with braking feature helps drivers maintain a set following distance behind a vehicle when vehicle cruise control is on and set. The FCAM technology adds additional braking power that assist in preventing a potential rear-end collision by warning the driver first, then applying brakes if necessary when a forward collision is likely to happen. Betts can install or retrofit an FCAM system on your Class 8 commercial vehicle.

Leaf Spring Repair 

Exposure to road salt and harsh elements, carrying heavy loads and driving on rough roads can all cause corrosion or damage that weakens a spring’s structure. Betts provides leaf spring repair services for a range of trucks and trailers including Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks; light and medium duty trucks; buses; motorhomes and RVs.

Steering Repair 

When your steering system doesn’t work, you lose your direction. At Betts Truck Parts & Service, we offer steering services with quality parts that are engineered with performance and safety in mind. We repair and replace worn tie rod ends, drag links, and install king pins.

Suspension Repair Services

Your rig travels thousands of miles each year, and every one of them adds wear and tear to your truck suspension and trailer suspension. Betts Truck Parts & Service offers a full line of suspension services, from leaf spring replacement to complete overhauls, to help keep your truck on the road and riding smooth.

Truck & Trailer Axle Repair 

Truck axles have a big job. In addition to being responsible for transferring power from the transmission and differential to your rig or trailer’s wheels, they also help support the weight of your cargo. Betts provides full-service truck axle repair and trailer axle repair for owner/operators as well as national and regional fleets along the West Coast.

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What is the Maintenance on a Semi-Truck?

Semi-truck maintenance is vital for the truck’s proper functioning and long life. Standard maintenance checks on a semi-truck include:

  • Thorough inspections of the brake lining to ensure no leaks in the air pressure system
  • Regular examinations of air pressure and tread depth in tires
  • Regular checks of coolant fluids, fuel, antifreeze, and oil
  • Regular checks for air pressure, temperature, and oil pressure
  • Checking for the proper functioning of warning lights, brake lights, turn signals, and flashes.

What is Truck Preventive Maintenance?

Truck preventive maintenance minimizes the risk of breakdowns and increases your truck’s uptime. Common examples of preventive maintenance include checking spark plugs, oil changes, hose and filter examination, and inspecting the truck’s brakes, chassis, and overall engine health.

When Should a Semi-Truck be Serviced?

Typically, a semi-truck should undergo basic service every 15,000 miles. This service should include checking the functionality of lights and brakes and refilling essential fluids. Next, it should undergo a thorough inspection every 30,000 miles. The truck’s oil should be changed during this service, and the fuel, air, and oil filters should be checked. You can even undertake minor repairs during this service. Finally, the truck should also undergo a full annual inspection to check engine performance.