Custom U-Bolts


Custom U-Bolts While You Wait

Finish your truck or trailer’s suspension work safely with new, custom leaf spring U-bolts at any of Betts Truck Parts’s eight locations.

We custom-build round bar suspension U-bolts to industry standard in any size you need using grade 5 and 8 rods to match any size and application.

How To Order Custom U-Bolts

To order custom round bar U-bolts, simply specify the following information. We’ll custom bend them while you wait!:

  • thread diameter
  • inside width
  • inside leg length
  • type of bend

Forge-top U-bolts are also available by special order only – please call ahead. Contact us to learn more.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Broken U-bolts?

  1. Wear and tear is the main cause of failed bolts, especially on heavy duty vehicles and trailers.
  2. Corrosion over time, especially in climates with heavy rain and snow, can weaken them.
  3. Misalignment can cause them to break and loosen, causing further issues with your vehicle.

Warning: Do not reuse old bolts. For safety and proper performance, please contact us to replace your worn, broken, and damaged U-bolts with brand-new ones, and advise you on what size and type will be best for your vehicle.

What Are the Symptoms of Failing U-Bolts?

If your U-bolts are broken or failing, you will hear rattling. In addition, the leaf springs will no longer support the weight of the vehicle. This could result in the leaf springs breaking.

Your vehicle may also lean to the side and bottom out when driving over dips and bumps. Overall, you will find your vehicle much more difficult to handle.

Where Can I Buy Custom U-Bolts?