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Unexpected truck axle repair can lead to costly repairs and downtime that can put you behind schedule. If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, you should schedule service at an axle repair shop right away. Waiting to have your truck inspected will only make the issues worse and can lead to you being stranded with a broken truck axle.

  • Excessive vibrating while driving can indicate a worn or damaged axle shaft. The vibration is commonly felt through the steering wheel but can also be felt through the seat of your truck.
  • Noises such a clicking or clunking when you take a sharp turn are symptoms of a bad or failing shaft assembly.
  • Unusually low fuel economy can indicate poor/bad alignment or a bent axle.
  • Uneven or excessive wear on one or more tires can indicate a bent axle or bad alignment.
  • Oil leaks coming from the axle joints can be caused by a torn axle boot.
  • Visible corrosion, cracking or other damage on the truck axle components can eventually lead to a broken axle.

Regularly Checking Your Truck Axle Alignment

If your truck axles are not properly aligned, it can lead to several safety and maintenance issues. Aside from causing premature tire wear and putting strain on your vehicle components, ignoring poor alignment can result in your truck or boat trailer needing broken axle repair.

Your local axle repair shop can perform an alignment check during a scheduled maintenance visit or you can perform a quick check on your own using the following steps:

  • Hold a straightedge against your tires in a horizontal position, so it stretches across both tires. If you are checking a boat trailer axle, hold the straightedge against one tire.
  • Look for gaps between the tires and the straightedge. Gaps should be no more than 1/8” for both tires. If you notice a larger gap or one tire has a larger gap than the others, it is likely that your truck or trailer needs alignment service or axle repair.

Our Fresno, California axle repair shop provides fast and reliable heavy-duty truck axle repair for trucks and trailers. If you are not located in the Fresno area, contact one of our other service shops along the West Coast to schedule your broken axle repair service.

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