Truck Drivetrain Services


Drivetrain Services

Grinding, shaking, burning, slipping, dragging—you know all the warning signs of a transmission problem. But where do you turn when you need reliable drivetrain service? Betts provides the highest quality, most cost-effective repair and maintenance for heavy-duty transmissions, drivelines, differentials and clutches.

Drivetrain Parts

We supply drivetrain and transmission parts from some of the industry’s top manufacturers, including:

  • Eaton
  • Spicer
  • Power Train Industries
  • and more

3 Reasons to Choose Betts for Drivetrain Service & Repair

  1. Experience: With more than 30 years’ experience working with heavy duty trucks, Betts knows how to diagnose and fix common drivetrain issues.
  2. Location: We have service centers in California, Oregon, and Arizona (see below) that provide reliable transmission service to customers all over the West Coast.
  3. Parts: To ensure that your rig is ready to get back on the road for the long haul, Betts sells and installs only the best, highest quality parts.