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Having a broken axle is inconvenient, especially when it happens on the road. Something as simple as hitting a pothole or driving through a construction zone can place strain on truck axles and other components. You might not notice there are issues present until you land in the shop for broken axle repair, leaving you inconvenienced and behind schedule.

Knowing the common signs of truck axle issues can prevent costly damage to tires and other components. If you experience any of the issues below, it’s time to schedule an appointment at your local axle repair shop.

  • A “wobbling” or unsteady feeling coming from your tires or underneath the vehicle can indicate alignment issues or a bent axle.
  • Noises that sound like clanking, clicking or clanking while driving or turning mean your axle shaft assembly is excessively worn
  • Unusually low fuel economy can be caused by dragging that results from improper alignment of the truck axle.
  • Excessive vibrations felt through the seat or steering wheel are often caused by uneven rotation of your truck’s axle
  • Grease on the outer rim of a tire indicates that there is leaking coming from one of the axle joints

How to Inspect Your Truck Axles for Common Issues

Preventative maintenance is important. Your local axle repair shop has the equipment and expertise needed to complete a thorough inspection and determine whether repairs are required. Here are some of the common checklist items for preventative maintenance and assessing whether a vehicle needs axle repair:

  • Looking for evidence of cracking, rust or other damage on the axle beam, bushings and bearings
  • Cleaning away grime and lubricating components to identify potential leaks and improve performance
  • Conducting and alignment check and inspecting axle beams for signs of bending
  • Checking tires for signs of uneven wear
  • Replacing fasteners that are rusted or have worn threads

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