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Understanding the Signs of Truck Axle IssuesSchedule an Appointment with Betts Fontana, CA

Driving on a bad truck axle not only causes damage to your rig but is incredibly dangerous. The signs of a broken axle are often easy to detect but you might not notice the normal signs of wear until it’s too late. Broken axle repair can be costly, both for the repair itself and because it results in unplanned downtime that puts you behind schedule. If you notice any of the issues listed below, you should contact an axle repair shop right away.

  • Signs of leaking grease underneath axle components or along the edge of one or more tires
  • Vibration coming from the steering wheel while the rig is in motion
  • Loud clicking or clunking noises while driving or when taking a turn. This can become more prevalent at higher speeds or when taking sharp or fast turns
  • Tires feeling uneven as you drive, even when on a flat surface
  • Excessive wear on one or more tires, which can indicate a bent axle or alignment issues

How Regular Inspections Can Help Keep Your Semi Truck Axles in Good Shape

Prevention is key in avoiding issues that can lead to broken axle repair. An axle repair shop can perform a quick check of your truck axle and components when your rig is in the shop for regular service. A visual inspection of your heavy duty truck axle parts and components includes:

  • Cleaning and lubricating components
  • Inspecting the axle beam for rust and bending
  • Checking fasteners, bearings, bushings and other components for cracking, rust, scratches and damage
  • Conducting an alignment check
  • Measuring the amount of wear on your tires

By understanding the typical sings of wear and conducting regular inspections of your truck axle and related components, you can help prevent larger issues down the road.

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