An Interview With Betts Truck Parts & Service Phoenix Branch Manager Eugene Camacho

by Betts Marketing Staff




My name is Eugene Camacho. I’m the branch manager here at Betts Truck Parts and Service in Phoenix. I’ve been with Betts for 21 years. I first originally started off in the Santa Fe Springs location back in 2002. A handfull of years later I ended up transferring out to Arizona here at the Phoenix location and from from that point on here I’ve done counter sales, service manager, to branch manager. When I originally started with Betts, I was a delivery driver, so I’ve done a little bit of everything here. I’ve been given the opportunity by the Betts family and upper management to learn the industry and was rewarded by getting promoted to different positions throughout the company.


What Is Your Favorite Part About Working at Betts?

Besides the team, every day’s a different story. The number one thing is coming in to see the team every day. When I’m off, I miss them. When I’m here, there’s never a dull moment. I like to tell everyone, one thing or another, we just have fun. I enjoy working with everybody here. Not just in this store, but other locations, corporate office – everybody. It’s just a great culture that we have here with Betts that’s second to none.

What Are Your Career Goals?

With the way Betts is going, it’s unlimited. We’re growing as a division and there’s always new positions opening up. Since I’ve been here now we have directors of services, we have talent acquistion managers, new things pop up and as of right now, I just concentrate on being the best leader for my team here in Phoenix and we’ll see what comes up. And, just willing to grow and Improve the Way things Move.

What Do You Like To Do Outside of Work?

So besides hanging out with the family, if it’s just me it’s either going to be fishing or it’s going to be archery. Those are the two things I really enjoy when it’s not too hot here in Arizona, but to be able to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a beautiful state.

What advice to you have for people who are interested in joining Betts?

So with Betts, as long as you come in every day, you do what’s best for the company, you do what’s best for your fellow employees, and you do what’s best for the customer, you’re going to enjoy every minute that you’re here. You come in, work hard every day, don’t be afraid to learn, and you’ll have a career not just a job. It’s a life-long career. Betts has been around for 155 years and it’s not by accident. It’s by the culture they have, the way the family has run the business, the way the family has advanced the business, and it’s never going to stop.
You can visit Eugene and his team and experience fantastic service in Phoenix, AZ.


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Betts Truck Parts Phoenix Branch Manager
Betts Truck Parts Phoenix Branch Manager Eugene Camacho and a view of the Phoenix Truck Parts branch.