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Knowing When Its Time for Truck Axle Repair
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A broken axle is usually easy to detect because your trailer likely won’t be able to move, but there are other, sometimes subtle signs and symptoms that indicate it is time to schedule axle repair service. These signs include:

  • Unevenly worn tires
  • Evidence of grease on the outer edge your tires
  • Clicking noise when taking sharp turns
  • Excessive vibration felt through the steering wheel while driving
  • Loud clunking noise while driving

Preventing Truck Axle Issues with Preventative Maintenance

While truck axle issues caused by potholes and normal wear can’t always be avoided, a little regular preventative maintenance goes a long way in preventing damage that leads to axle repair. Here are a few things you or your axle repair shop can do to prevent excessive wear and correct minor issues before they become a big problem:

  • Alignment inspection: Check your trailer’s front and rear axles for misalignment that could be caused by a bent axle beam.
  • Look for signs of wear: Inspect your tires, axle beam and other drivetrain components regularly for signs of wear, which can indicate alignment issues or a bent or failing axle. This means checking fasteners, bearings, camshaft and camshaft bushings in addition to larger truck axle components.  Things you want to look for include cracks, rusting, pitting, thread damage, and bending.
  • Monitor your fuel consumption: Semis typically get around 4-6 miles per gallon, depending on load and driving conditions. If you notice a significant drop in your gas mileage, there could be issues with front and rear axle misalignment.
  • Keep parts lubricated: Clean and re-grease components as necessary and check for oil leaks around the tires and truck axle components.

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Betts Truck Parts & Services has over 30 years of experience providing heavy duty truck axle repair and other services for your semi-trailer. We provide fast, reliable truck axle repair service and only use and sell parts and components from premium brands. We service class 6, 7, and 8 trucks as well as trailers, agricultural equipment, buses, motorhomes and RVs.

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