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Semis, buses, RVs, trailers, and light and medium-duty trucks carry heavy loads that place an extra burden on axles and other vehicle components. To prevent damage, these types of vehicles are typically equipped with leaf springs in addition to the standard coil spring suspension.

Coil springs serve an essential function by maintaining proper vehicle control and alignment, and leaf springs help protect your semi truck’s axles by absorbing shock from heavy loads and uneven roads.

Although these parts are made from durable steel and built to last for several years, leaf and coil springs can wear down over time due to corrosion and general wear and tear.

Worn or corroded springs not only affect how your truck or semi drives and carries loads but can impact other parts of your vehicle such as the tires, alignment, and suspension. Because of this, it’s always best to have your leaf springs and coil springs inspected during routine repair and maintenance visits.


If you notice a change in the way your truck or semi distributes weight or if there is a change of drive or steering, it’s time to have your springs checked. Corrosion and strain from carrying heavy or uneven loads can both cause leaf springs to crack, split or flatten in shape, making them less effective and potentially harming your truck’s axles or suspension system.

Betts Truck Parts & Service is the Portland area’s leading service provider of semi-truck spring repair and replacement.

Our Portland location provides complete leaf spring service and maintenance for trucks and trailers of all makes and models. 

We cater to a wide range of heavy duty trucks and vehicles including:

  • Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks
  • Light and medium-duty trucks
  • Buses, motorhomes, RVs
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Trailers

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Quality Leaf Spring Repair Service in Portland Since 1988

Since 1988, Betts Truck Parts & Service Portland, Oregon branch has been a full-service provider of semi-truck spring repair and replacement. It was our sole focus when we started out, and we’ve only gotten better in the years since. We serve O/Os, drivers, national, regional, and local fleets, and offer high-quality heavy duty parts in Portland for DIY repairs.

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We have been a leader in semi-truck spring repair and replacement since the first Betts Truck Parts & Service location opened its doors more than 30 years ago. While it’s no longer our sole focus, our truck spring maintenance capabilities have never been better. We serve drivers, O/Os, and fleets of all sizes, and offer top-quality parts for DIY repairs.

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