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Driving on Worn or Damaged Leaf Springs Can Damage Your Vehicle’s Alignment SystemSchedule and appointment with Betts Truck Parts Portland, OR

To prevent damage to suspension systems caused by heavy loads, semis, buses, RVs, and light and medium duty trucks are typically equipped with leaf springs to supplement the standard coil spring suspension.

Coil springs help maintain proper vehicle control and alignment, and leaf springs help protect your truck’s axles by absorbing extra shock and wear from heavy hauling and uneven roads. Both coil springs and leaf springs are made from durable steel, but over time they can corrode or crack, especially if a truck is hauling loads above its maximum capacity.

Worn or corroded springs can impact other parts of your vehicle such as the tires, alignment, and suspension. Bad coil springs and leaf springs also affect steering and weight distribution.  You should always have your truck or trailer’s springs inspected on a regular basis to check for corrosion and damage. Doing so will save you from preventable damage to your suspension system.

Don’t Delay Replacing Your Truck’s Leaf Springs

A change in the way your truck or semi’s steering or the way it distributes weight means it’s time to have your springs checked. Over time, corrosion and excess wear from carrying heavy and uneven loads causes leaf springs to crack, split or lose their shape. These structural changes make your leaf springs less effective and can damage your truck’s axles or suspension system.

If you’re in or around the Portland, Oregon area and your truck or trailer needs spring repair and replacement, contact Betts Truck Parts & Service. We provide full-service leaf spring maintenance and replacement a range of vehicles including semis, motorhomes, buses, RVs, and class 6, 7 and 8 trucks.

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