Convenient Mobile BIT Inspections in Fontana, CA

Looking for a mobile Bit ispection in Fontana? Betts Truck Parts & Service, located on Valley and Elm Aveneu, has been performing Bit Inspections for Owner Operators and commercial truck fleets since 1995. We were recently nominated by Truck Parts & Service Magazine as a finalist for “Distributor of the Year 2020” for our commitment to our customers. We provide excellent customer service and fast response times for time-sensitive BIT Inspections.

For fast service, call our Fontana branch to schedule a mobile bit inspection for your fleet.

Call (909) 427-9988 to schedule a Mobile Bit Inspection in Fontana

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“Quality service inspections that are accurate and precise.”
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Fontana Mobile BIT Inspection FAQ’s

Why Choose Betts Truck Parts for BIT Inspections?

Betts Truck Parts has focused on providing an elite customer experience. We recently became a finalist in Truck Parts & Service Magazine – a national industry publication – as a Finalist for Distributor of the Year 2020.

We have over 30 years’ experience, and provide fast, efficient commercial truck inspection services in Fontana to keep you in compliance and on the road.

We have 7 additional locations across California, Oregon, and Arizona to serve your fleet.

Where in Santa Fe Springs do you perform Mobile BIT Inspections

Betts Truck Parts & Service Fontana is located at the corner of Valley and Elm Avenue.

We perform mobile BIT Inspections in most areas in and around the City of Fontana.

Call our service manager in Fontana at 909.427.9988 to confirm your mobile BIT Inspection service area.

Are California BIT Inspections Biennial?

California legislation at the start of 2016 altered the previous “Biennial Inspection of Terminals” regulation.

Following this change, inspections are no longer biennial. CHP can inspect a terminal whenever it chooses.

Terminals that receive a “satisfactory” rating may only be inspected every few years. Terminals that receive an “unsatisfactory” rating will be re-inspected by CHP within 120 days.

Where Can I Find Official Information About BIT Inspections?

You can read or download the Official CHP “Basic Inspection of Terminals (BIT)” Program information here.

Assembly Bill 529 can be found here.

How Will Betts Truck Parts Help Me Remain Complaint?

We provide you with the necessary reports to remain compliant, which includes maintenance information that satisfies the requirements of a BIT Inspection. Our software will remind us when your vehicles are due for a BIT Inspection so you remain compliant.

If you would like to speak directly with our service manager in Santa Fe Springs about mobile BIT Inspections call our Santa Fe Springs branch at 562.941.2300.

Which Vehicles Need to be Inspected Every 90 Days?

Vehicles with a 10,000 lb. gross rating and 3 or more axles, or a gross weight over 26,000 lbs. need to have a BIT Inspection every 90 days. The BIT Inspection my be performed by an authorized service center.

Be sure to keep accurate and up-to-date driver records and maintenance records for your vehicle.