Leaf Spring Repair & Replacement: San Leandro, CA

Delaying Leaf Spring Repair Can Damage Your Vehicle Suspension System

The heavy loads carried by semis, buses, RVs, and light and medium duty trucks often places extra strain on a vehicle’s suspension system and axles. To reduce wear and protect suspension components, many trucks are fitted with leaf springs to help absorb shock and reduce excess wear on the coil spring suspension system.

Leaf springs and coil springs are made from durable steel and can last for several years, but corrosion and wear from hauling heavy or uneven loads can result in accelerated wear that compromises the strength of the steel. Driving on worn or corroded springs impacts the way your vehicle handles and can damage tires, alignment, and suspension

By having your leaf springs and coil springs inspected whenever you bring your truck or trailer in for scheduled maintenance, can help prevent these and other issues with your truck’s suspension system.

When to Replace or Repair Your Leaf Springs

Over time, corrosion and wear will begin to compromise the strength of your leaf springs, putting additional stress on your axles and suspension system. You’ll know it’s time to have your springs inspected or replaced when you notice a difference in the way your truck or trailer distributes weight, or you feel a change in your steering or how your vehicle drives.

If you’re looking for reliable semi truck spring repair and replacement in the San Leandro, California area, look no further than Betts Truck Parts & Service. Our first-class service center provides leaf spring repair and maintenance for all types of trucks and similar vehicles. We service:

  • Class 6, 7, 8 trucks
  • Light and medium duty trucks
  • Buses, motorhomes, RVs
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Trailers

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Betts Has Over 30 Years of Leaf Spring Repair Experience

Semi truck spring repair and replacement was our sole focus when Betts Truck Parts & Service was founded in the mid-1980s. In the 30-plus years since, our service capabilities have grown considerably—as has our expertise in spring maintenance and repair. As drivers, O/Os, and fleets throughout the West Coast know, no one does it better than Betts!

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